fin – your fishmonger Fundraising Program



This is an opportunity for non-profit groups and charities to earn money in an easy & fun way.
fin – your fishmonger will donate 20% of any eat-in or to-go menu sales that your organization sends us on the day of the event.

All you have to do is sign up and promote your event on social media and by distributing flyers to your supporters and their friends. (we’ll provide you with the flyer)

Why Hold A “Dine to Donate” Fundraiser?


We are often approached by groups that are trying to raise funds by looking for donations.  As much as we’d like to help them all, we can’t.

Organizing a fundraiser like this has the potential to earn you a lot more than you might get in a simple donation from us.

How Does This Work?

Together, we’ll pick a date that gives you plenty of time to build up awareness and excitement for your fundraiser.

Once your organization has been approved, we’ll provide you with personalized flyers you can distribute to your supporters.

They will bring in those flyers on the fundraising day to make sure you get credit for their purchase.

Both dine-in and take-out orders are eligible for this fundraiser. Two business days after the event, your check will be ready.

We want to support the organizations you all love - let's do this together!

How Do We Get Started?

The first step is to fill out the application form on our website at


Application for fundraiser at fin – your fishmonger

We look forward to helping you raise money for your group.

Here are some simple rules…

-Flyers may be distributed anywhere to anyone with the exception of directly outside our shop.  Attempts to cheat the system will result in a forfeiture of the donation.

-Showing us a flyer on a phone is permitted.

-The flyer must be turned in/shown at the time of purchase.  Once you’ve left the shop you cannot return with a flyer.

-It is the contact person’s responsibility to make sure that your supporters are aware of these rules.



fin – your fishmonger location:


2050 Western Avenue
(corner New Karner Rd. and Western Ave.)
Guilderland NY, 12084